Project Description

When I first began in this ministry, several years ago, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, nor what I was gong to get out of it. If I’m truly honest, when I first heard of the Wild at Heart message I thought it sounded weak and unmasculine… I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Throughout this journey with 222 Two Ministries I have been able to discover who I am in Christ, what He desires for my life and what I can do to find freedom for my heart and the hearts of my family. It has truly been a life changing experience that has dramatically altered the course of my life and thus the life of my wife, children and those closest to me.

Before finding this ministry I was a broken man. Pain from a broken childhood and growing up in foster care, pain from two combat tours in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps and pain from a devastating divorce had been constantly speaking lies into my heart and into my life. What’s worse, is that if you were to know me back then, you would never know the struggles and pain that I had. Oh I was so good at putting on a pose. Striving constantly for success and prestige in order to bury my brokenness and my pain as far away from the view of other as I possibly could. And boy was I good at it!

It was a difficult journey coming to terms with my own hurts and pains from issues I refused to even acknowledge. But if I hadn’t… I would have lost my wife… again and lost the battle for the hearts of my children. How thankful I am for this ministry, for this message I have been given and for the Glory of my Heavenly Father to be truly visible in and through my life. I am no longer a dead man walking, but a man fully alive for the glory of my Heavenly Father!

I am truly thankful to be apart of this team and to take this journey with each and everyone of you. I can assure you this will be no easy task but any battle worth fighting for never is. There will be shrapnel. But you will come out the other end battle hardened, battle tested and equipped to answer the call to arms to defend what matters most in this life…. YOUR heart and the heart of your loved ones.

Come, discover what your Heavenly Father wants for you. Discover how He views you, His beloved children. Come, take up your arms, equip your armor and stand with the righteous for tomorrow we may die… but today, my brothers, we fight!

Derek Eugene Muller
Leader of men, breaker of curses.