Project Description

I was born in 1982 in Carmichael California. At two years old, my family moved to Danville Ca and lived there with my loving family until 2005 when I got married. I was blessed with parents who were devoted to giving my sister and I what we needed to succeed in life. I grew up Catholic and went to a catholic grade school, high school and college.  My father is not religious at all and would stay home my mother took my sister and I to church every Sunday. I have been a believer all of my life and was taught how to be a “good catholic” which I believed was what people meant when they talked about a relationship with God.

Growing up I was a baseball player and was quite good at it. I played on several traveling teams and had the opportunity to play baseball in numerous different states. I played baseball at De La Salle High School. After I graduated high school I went to Saint Mary’s College I had a shoulder injury my freshman year of college that forced me to stop playing baseball. I met my beautiful wife in 2001 while in my freshman year of college. We got married the same year we graduated college and moved to the Sacramento area for several years. While in the Sacramento area I worked as a banker at Wells Fargo but did not like sales or a desk job so I got a job in law enforcement in the central valley and have been doing that ever since. I love the outdoors, camping with my family, fishing, shooting and playing the occasional pick up baseball game.

My wife and I moved to the Oakdale area in 2008 and my wife finished nursing school. She has worked as a nurse since. We have two beautiful daughters that are the best gift from God that I could have ever gotten. We had a wonderful life, I had a beautiful wife, my wife and I were both successful in our careers, we had a wonderful house and two beautiful daughters. Several years ago I began looking for validation from places other than my Heavenly Father. Through a strong mentor (Will Van Tassel), The book Wild at Heart and my band of brothers I came to realize, what I was seeking, What I was in need of and lacking was a relationship with my Heavenly Father. In having a healthy, strong and true relationship with my Heavenly father I have learned to go to the correct place for validation. I have learned how to truly love my wife and children and have learned how to love my band of brothers. My marriage is stronger than it has ever been and I am truly happy.