II Timothy 2:2 and the Things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who are also qualified to teach others

Do you ever wonder what God intended when he created you as a man?  If you are like most of us, you didn’t grow up with a healthy example of biblical masculinity.  A Godly husband/father wasn’t modeled for you.  You have little idea what healthy masculine leadership looks like in your marriage, home and family.  Don’t be discouraged, you are not alone. Sadly this is far too common in our culture.  Are you longing for a more abundant life?  A life that is better relationally with more freedom, depth, wholeness and meaning.   It is attainable!  It is doable!  However, you do need to be trained.

Relationally, my wife (of 33 years now) and I both grew up in what I call capital “C” crazy dysfunctional homes.  We have divorce, addiction, codependency and a pile of other dysfunctional patterns on both sides of our family heritage.  Over the last 34 years of being a Christ follower, our Lord has guided me in taking back a lot of ground in my own life, as a husband, father and now mentoring other men wanting to do the same.  The material we teach at our boot camps is what I would have wanted a mature “father figure” to teach me as a younger man.

Like Neo asked in the movie The Matrix, does the question “is there more out there” haunt you? If so, see you at Boot Camp!

William Van Tassel – Visionary of 222 Two Ministries