Relational Christianity

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April 27-30th 2023
The Lodge Christian Retreat Center
24680 CA-108
Mi Wuk Village, CA
Cost:(Pay at the door)
$222 per man conference fee PLUS accommodations

“Relational Christianity is not a series and definitely NOT a program.  It is an entire belief system…a way of Life.  A trail guide to the Spirit Filled Abundant Life Christ Jesus promised his followers in John 10:10″

-William Van Tassel

Are you aware that you were created in the image of God to exist or “do life” in healthy, mutually edifying, love-based relationships?  Are you aware of Christ’s promise of a “Life to the full” in John 10:10?  Literally, a marriage above the common…a family above the common?

For many of us, we came to Christ as Lord and Savior but the generational curses and unhealthy relational patterns are so ingrained in our belief system, that we feel trapped.  These unhealthy patterns and behaviors haunt us.  They plague us and even torture us.  They steal our joy, love, and peace.  How do we break them?  How do we “take back ground” generationally?  How do we arrive at a place in our relationships that even somewhat resembles the abundant Life?  How can I get my marriage to a beautiful place and stop the pattern of divorce that keeps destroying so many families?  How do I raise my children to be responsible adults that actually desire a deep relationship with God and with me?

Do these questions stir in your heart?  If so, join us at our upcoming Relational Christianity Boot Camp where we will unpack in detail the various, highly effective relationships our Lord has for us to live in as we “do life”.  Our relationship with…

Our Heavenly Father / Jesus Christ / by the power of the Holy Spirit (John 15)

Our marital relationship

Our relationship with our children

Our mentors, Paul/Timothy relationships

Those we mentor, Timothy/Paul relationships

Our band of brothers, Paul/Barnabas relationships

Non-believers, Evangenlistic relationships

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