I Didn’t Know Anybody…

I heard an ad on a Modesto Christian Radio station and called to attend the "Wild at Heart" bootcamp in 2018.  I was in crisis in my marriage and didn't care anymore.  As a desperate [...]

At Boot Camp I Woke Up A Different Man

Last Saturday morning at Boot Camp I woke up a different man. The night before as we stood around the fire, I had taken the "plank" from my eye, on which was written front and [...]

The Best Relational Christianity Boot Camp

Over the years, I have been to several men's retreats and none have impacted me as greatly as 222 Two Ministries Relational Christianity Boot Camp. My whole life I have been trying to make it [...]

My Life Almost Ended

"I would not have made it to the Wild at Heart retreat if it weren't for my life almost ending a few months prior. My routine and "poser"-like life was confronted immensely to the point [...]

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