Over the years, I have been to several men’s retreats and none have impacted me as greatly as 222 Two Ministries Relational Christianity Boot Camp. My whole life I have been trying to make it happen on my own, trying to connect the dots while not  really being  connected to anything or anyone else and certainly not understanding that my Heavenly Father wants to father me and restore my wounded heart. I learned that I can’t do it alone and it is a tactic from our enemy to isolate us from others. We need proven Christian mentors,  brothers, and co-warriors to sharpen our skills, to be the man, husband, father and friend we were purposed to be. My heart got rocked several times during this boot camp. All the sessions were spot on and the men teaching them were transparent and real. A big thank you to Will, Tom, Derek, Luke, Kevin, Tank, Davis, David, Dennis, and all the other men that put this on. It is encouraging to see real men of faith with backbone and grit fighting for the hearts of other brothers! I am better off now because of you all! Thank you for an awesome weekend. Joe Gordo

The Relational Christianity Boot Camp was the best men’s retreat I have even been to. Tom Koester