Over the years, I have been to several men’s retreats and none have impacted me as greatly as 222 Two Ministries Relational Christianity Boot Camp. My whole life I have been trying to make it happen on my own, trying to connect the dots while not really being connected to anything or anyone else and certainly not understanding that my Heavenly Father wants to father me and restore my wounded heart.

-Tom Koester

Good evening Will. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all you shared and the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful ministry. My son was blown away and felt as he said; “accepted … and able to be himself”. He and I grew immensely closer to each other through the fellowship, the sharing and the unpacking. To be honest, I’m drained and spent, but I’m ready to fight.

I’ve always hated my birth name … another lie. It means “Ruler of the Spear” I’ve read the meaning before and always laughed, dismissed it as ya right, not me! … what a joke. I’m rebuking that as another lie and not taking that crap anymore. It’s a name my earthly Father gave me and I’m claiming it as a name given to me by my Heavenly Father! “Father mold me, shape me and show me worthy is my prayer”.

Thank you for remembering me and handing me the 222twoministries flier. Thank you for valuing me and the opportunity to see value in myself.

Waking the Dead attendee, April 2021

“Broken and on my knees, the Lord brought me Wild at Heart.  The simple truths in this message exposed the true desires of my heart along with many things that had been haunting it for years.  Through this discovery, once the tears had cleared, I found healing, hope, clarity, restoration, and purpose like never before.  Wild at Heart is an epic journey that every man must take…it truly brings life”

-Aric Bearg

Up until several years ago I believed I had a good relationship with God. I grew up catholic and went to catholic schools for grade school, high school and college. I thought I knew what it meant to have a relationship with God.  Little did I know, I hardly had any relationship with my Heavenly Father at all. More…

-Kevin Blanc

“Eldredge’s teaching is God sent for men young and old alike.  At last, a Christ-centered pathway to authentic masculinity”

-Tim Baker

“I would not have made it to the Wild at Heart retreat if it weren’t for my life almost ending a few months prior. My routine and “poser”-like life was confronted immensely to the point of complete and utter brokenness (physically and spiritually), which is something I never thought I would have needed.

-Billy Boyle More…

“The deepest, life changing, soulful truths I have found in 30 years of being a Christ follower”

-William Van Tassel

Last Saturday morning at Boot Camp I woke up a different man. The night before as we stood around the fire, I had taken the “plank” from my eye, on which was written front and back lies from the pit of hell that were clouding my vision, and cast it into the lake of fire where it belongs. More

“Wild at Heart is a book a man could read every year and get something out of.”

-Barry Tuggle