Project Description

I was born in 1985 and raised in the rural communities of Linden, Lodi, and Lockeford. My parents divorced when I was 9, but fortunate enough to have been raised with Christian values from an early age. Entering my teenage years, and then well into my 20’s struggled with finding purpose, direction, and who Jesus is. However, God’s grace helped me gain clarity on the issues of my heart through the guidance of mentors, and the truths revealed through God’s word and John Eldredge’s books.

From an early age I’ve always had a passion for motorsports (supercross) and aspired to work for the fire department. Through the years in pursuit of these my story has taken many places and has created a story I think anyone would get a kick out of reading.   I have volunteer for Stockton city fire department, and worked for the United States Forest Service, CAL Fire, and now with East Bay Parks as a Park Ranger/Firefighter.